Cortex Training is an online training centre specialising in live streaming, digital events, creative media and specialist event training courses

Bespoke courses

Cortex Training can help design the perfect course for individuals, venues and organisations

Time and money is precious, so we understand the need to study only the subjects and areas that you want to focus on. If you read our case studies you can see that a lot of the initial projects that we began Cortex Training with were bespoke and modular courses.

We took our own knowledge and industry experience and used it to design courses to meet the specific needs of clients. It’s something we love to do and, depending on the level of fresh material developed, it need not be beyond your financial means to create.

Pencils... one sharp surrounded by dull pencils

These are examples of when a bespoke training course could be an advantage:

  • You have a venue and need training based around the already installed equipment
  • You need to have a concise period of training and would like to select particular subjects
  • You have a small team of employees who you want trained simultaneously
  • You want to draw from several different relevant courses and combine them into one training session

By looking at our courses you will see the broad range of subjects we cover. Please email or phone us to begin discussing a bespoke training solution that matches your personal needs or that of a venue or organisation. One of our team will be more than happy to help and draw up a quote.

We look forward to hearing from you!