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Bespoke Ableton Live performance training

Craig Lowe came to us to find the perfect solution to the touring setup he was asked to create for the bands The Mispers and Zemfira, who he plays with as a session musician. Previous studies with us using the production and live performance software Ableton Live led to Craig choosing this as the ideal software platform.

The flexibility of Ableton Live meant that together we were able to create a custom performance template which used many of the tricks and techniques that the semi-modular format of Live allows us to utilise.

In the template there was a mixture of pre-prepared actions, certain necessary timed sequences, preset and patch changing and the ability to retain a strong element of live performance – considering Craig’s main skill lies in being a session bass and keyboard player.

"The tutor at Cortex Training was very good at explaining all the different possibilities that Ableton Live had to offer for a working session musician"
Craig Lowe