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Introduction to Event Electrics (1 day)

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One day course

Online course for up-to eight people via zoom = £500

In person course at our office in London or at your venue or office = From £770

Course Overview

  • This is a live online course that is suitable for up to twenty people. The course is delivered by a Cambridge-educated electrical engineer who is also an event professional
  • The introduction to event electrics course is designed to give event professionals the necessary information to have confidence to specify and work with temporary electrical systems at events
  • Do you work in production and are asked to specify your power requirements for events?
  • Are you a sound or AV technician/engineer that wants to learn more about event electrics?
  • Do you know how to deal with electrical faults during a show? Do you have the confidence to get the power back on if it trips out?
  • The course combines theory, practical and heath and safety to give attendees confidence and knowledge
  • The course is based around teaching design and compliance in accordance with BS7909
  • The course can be either delivered in person or via zoom.
    This course is suitable for up-to eight students.

    We can host this course at our office in London or we can come to you and run the course at your office or venue

Who should attend this course?

Anyone that wants to learn more about temporary electrical installations, production managers/assistants, site managers and site crew, venue managers, sound engineers and technicians, AV engineers and technicians, event professionals, local crew who want to learn new skills to progress their careers, event promoters, musicians and DJs

More Details

This course is not designed for electricians, this course is so non-electricians can understand how power systems work, specify power for venue requirements, specify power for festival electricians, problem solve and safely work with temporary electrical systems.

Learn about single and three phase, temporary power, generators, safety, the law and how to problem solve when everything keeps tripping out!

Course Details

  • This is an online course - the tutor is a Cambridge Educated electrical engineer and events industry veteran
  • This is a group course suitable for up to twenty people
  • What is a temporary electrical system?
  • What is electricity?
  • Earth bonds
  • Electrical Safety
  • AC and DC electrics
  • Ohms Law
  • Single phase and three phase
  • Low voltage Power
  • Do’s and Don’ts – Understand your limits and when to call the electrician
  • Electrical regulations and the law
  • Types of electrical connectors and their uses
  • Types of electrical cable
  • Fuses, MCBs, RCBOs and RCDs
  • Distribution boxes
  • Fuse boxes
  • Generators
  • PAT testing
  • How to measure and test electricity using volt indicators and multi meters
  • Working out power requirements for venues
  • Working out power requirements for festivals and outdoor events
  • Electrical safety in venues
  • Electrical safety at outdoor events
  • Designing temporary electrical systems
  • Problem solving with temporary electrical systems
  • Tricks and tips for system design
  • How to build and fix cables
  • Earth networks
  • Tricks and tips for working with generators
  • Designing temporary electrical systems using BS7909

Course Requirements

  • Students should have GCSE Maths
    i7 Mac or PC computer
    Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training.
    USB Headset with microphone or installed webcam and microphone in a laptop.

About The Tutor

John Kendall is a Cambridge Educated electrical engineer.  He is also a technical expert in the events industry and specialises in event power, video and lighting design.

Venue Information

This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor.

Alternatively we can come and run the training at your venue, office, co-working space or home.  We can travel nationwide to come and train you and your team in the most convenient location.

We can also host training sessions at our London office.