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Introduction to Event Management (2 Day)

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Two day course

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Course Overview

  • This is a live online course that is suitable for up to ten people. The course is delivered by a expert production manager.
  • Learn about the roles and jobs in the events industry
  • Design a fictional event in the class
  • Make the all-essential Event Plan documents and associated risk assessments and method statements
  • The course can be either delivered in person or via zoom.
    This course is suitable for up-to eight students.

    We can host this course at our office in London or we can come to you and run the course at your office or venue

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for people who have no prior knowledge of events, attendees must have an interest in events and desire to learn more about working in the events industry.

This course is designed as a crash course in event management. The course will cover all the basic concepts of event management and serve to empower attendees with the knowledge to put on their own events or start building a career in the events industry.

The underlying premise of the course is to demystify event management and inspire attendees to undertake further learning and gain more experience to assist with building a career in events management.

More Details

During the first day, the course starts with explaining what event management is and explains the various jobs and roles that exist within this field.

Once the group understand what event management is the course takes the group through a detailed step-by-step process of how to design, organise and manage a live event.

An experienced production manager will teach the concepts by getting the group to design a fictional event. The tutor will reference all concepts and points with real-world examples.

The second day concentrates on the ‘event plan’. The event plan is the fundamental document in event management. The event plan contains a complete overview of every element in the event design. It is also fundamental in the licensing process and outlines how the event will be run on the day of the show.

At the end of the second day, each member of the group with create a bespoke action plan which will be used to focus the individual’s next step in building a career in event management.

A comprehensive set of course notes accompanies the course. These notes provide a resource of how to successfully design, specify and deliver a live event.

After completing the course attendees will be able, with assistance from the notes, to successfully put on their own live event. Attendees will also be ready to undertake further training and work based experience.

Course Details

  • What is a live event?
  • What is event management?
  • Roles and jobs in event management
  • Creating the concept and premise for the event
  • Choosing the venue for the event
  • Site design (designing the layout of the event)
  • Using SketchUp to illustrate a event design
  • Creating a realistic budget and raising capital to pay for the event
  • Licencing and working with the council and authorities
  • Programming (booking the artists and performances)
  • Noise management (how to not annoy your neighbours)
  • Site infrastructure (water, waste, toilets and access)
  • Working with sub-contractors
  • Heath and safety and risk assessments
  • Marketing the event
  • Writing the event plan (this is a summary of everything required to put on the event)
  • Information about further learning, training and courses in event management
  • Each attendee will create an action plan – detailing their next step to build a career in events management

Course Requirements

  • i7 Mac or PC computer
    Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training.
    USB Headset with microphone or installed webcam and microphone in a laptop.

  • Basic working knowledge of Mac/PC operating system

  • Some knowledge of word processing applications such as Word (not essential)

  • Basic knowledge of Excel

About The Tutor

Jessica Hudsley MA is an experienced production manager with over 15 years’ experience in the field. She is IOSH qualified and specialises in event heath and safety for live events.

Jessica is currently the production manager for the Bloomsbury Arts Festival and for the Pop Up festival of stories. She is also touring with Rod Stewart in 2016. Jessica’s experience has led her to work in both the theatre, corporate, arts and festival sectors.

Venue Information

This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor.

Alternatively we can come and run the training at your venue, office, co-working space or home.  We can travel nationwide to come and train you and your team in the most convenient location.

We can also host training sessions at our London office.