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Venue/School/Church In-House AV Training

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One day course

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Course Overview

  • We will bring our tutors to your venue or workplacec
  • Your staff will learn the essentials using existing in-house equipment
  • We can tailor the training around your specific needs

Who should attend this course?

This course would be invaluable for any staff you employ who currently has the running of a live event as part of their duties.

More Details

Each venue is different and the equipment set will also vary. If you want to provide a professional package to clients you will need staff who are trained with the appropriate skills. Our experienced tutors have plenty of live event experience and are qualified to deliver a concise, professional and useful training session.

Course Details

  • Working with your in-house equipment
  • Dos and don'ts of working with sound and video
  • Good microphone technique
  • Adjusting the sound for the room acoustics
  • Setting up video presentations
  • Playing background music
  • Operating a basic lighting desk

Course Requirements

  • This course has been designed to work in a venue already fitted with the appropriate AV equipment. If you would also like to talk to our sister company about a fresh install or just to update some existing kit then drop us a line!

About The Tutor

We have several dual-professional tutors on our books who are well versed in a variety of contemporary live event skills. We will supply additional details once we have booked a specific tutor for your course dates.

Venue Information

This course would be held at your venue, school or church.