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Live Streaming consultation (how to get started)

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Available on request

Course Overview

  • Detailed needs assessment and consultation of how to implement live streaming / digital and hybrid event technology
  • Recommendations on how to integrate live streaming equipment into your current set up
  • Recommendations on how best to achieve the types of streams and digital events that your organisation what to deliver
  • Assessment of your current set up and recommendations on how to improve or optimise it
  • Detailed live streaming system design using the best equipment for your requirements
  • Production of reports, parts list, method statements, schematics and CAD drawings
  • Full installation service available
  • Once we have delivered a consultation on how best to deliver live streaming in your venue your team will be ready to complete the Mastering live streaming course. This will then train your team too be come experts in live streaming.

Who should attend this course?

Event managers, technicians and anyone who wants to learn how to lset up AV equipment and then live stream – no prior experience required.

More Details

Detailed consultation and pre-training advise on getting set up to deliver live streamed, digital and hybrid events in your venue.

Course Requirements

  • Requirements are variable depending on your goals

About The Tutor

Adam Savant is a AV consultant and director of PF Events (

Venue Information

This is a in person consultation