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Introduction to Live Sound

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Two day course

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Course Overview

  • Learn the fundamentals of acoustic theory
  • Explore the art of sound reinforcement
  • Learn how to engineer audio for a live event

Who should attend this course?

This course is suitable for people who have no prior knowledge of audio for live events. Attendees must have an interest in audio technology and live events, and a desire to learn more about working in the events industry.

Though no previous experience is required, this course would suit people with a background in DJing, computer music production, theatre, choirs or even people with an interest in technology.

More Details

The course starts by initially explaining what professional audio for live events is and what are the various jobs and roles that exist within this field.

This is a crash course, covering the fundamentals of live sound with a combination of theory and practical learning. The group will have lots of hands-on experience with equipment, whilst the theory is taught using a combination of PowerPoint and comprehensive course notes. The course notes are a resource that attendees can take away for further reference.

Attendees will learn the process to setup, tune and operate the equipment necessary to put on live bands, DJs and speeches at events.

At the end of the second day, attendees and tutors will create a bespoke action plan that outlines the next step in building a career in audio for live events.

Course Details

  • What is ‘pro audio’?
  • Roles and jobs within audio in the live events sector
  • Introduction to the physics of sound (what is sound?)
  • How do we hear (biology of how our ears and brain perceives sound)
  • Introduction to transducers (things that change one form of energy into another)
  • Introduction to loudspeakers
  • Introduction to microphones
  • Line and microphone level; DI boxes
  • Introduction to analogue mixing desks
  • Introduction to analogue outboard effects
  • Introduction to analogue dynamics (compression, gates and equalisation)
  • Introduction to filters and crossovers
  • FOH (Front of House) equalisation workshop
  • Monitor equalisation workshop
  • Real time analyser workshop
  • Introduction to digital mixing desks
  • Mixing FOH workshop
  • Mixing monitors workshop
  • Sound system workshop – (sound system management systems, system delay and processing)
  • Introduction to working with DJ equipment
  • Create an action plan for the attendee’s next move to develop a career in professional audio

Course Requirements

  • Basic working knowledge of Mac/PC operating system environment

  • Interest in audio and live events

About The Tutor

Stevie Wyatt is an experienced sound engineer, tutor and musician with over 20 years’ experience. Stevie is the FOH engineer for the Wonder Stuff and has toured Europe and beyond.

During the last year Stevie has been delivering Cortex Training’s Introduction to Live Sound course successfully to numerous venues and individuals. Stevie’s patient and knowledgeable teaching methods have made him very popular with students.

Venue Information

This course is usually held at Oxford House in Bethnal Green, East London.