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Introduction to Live Streaming and digital events (1 day)

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One day
10am – 4pm

In person group course with maximum number of students depending on the training location


Course Overview

  • Live one to one or group tuition with a live streaming expert who is also an events industry professional
  • Learn to preform pre-production tests before the stream
  • Learn how to quickly start streaming your events
  • Learn either OBS, V-Mix or Wirecast to work as a vision mixer and transcoder for your stream
  • Learn to stream to social media platforms such as Vimeo or Facebook
  • Learn how to monitor a stream once live and to use analytics

Who should attend this course?

This is a introduction course that is open to anyone that wants to start live streaming straight away

More Details

Learn the basics of live Streaming.  This course teaches the fundamentals and then though practical sessions takes teaches the student to live stream using OBS, Wirecast or V-Mix.

Learn how to create a slick, attractive and stable live stream and send the content to any streaming platform.

Course Details

  • Learn the fundamentals of live streaming
  • Setting up a computer/server for live streaming
  • Learn to use Wirecast, OBS or V-Mix to control the stream
  • Adding pre recorded audio, slides and video content
  • Camera and live video inputs
  • Live Audio inputs
  • Live software vision mixing
  • Live software audio mixing
  • Transcoding the stream using software
  • Streaming to social media

Course Requirements

  • i7 Mac or PC computer

  • Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training

  • Demo version of Wirecast and V-mix or free copy of OBS

  • Email address to use to set up dedicated social media accounts for Live streaming

About The Tutor

Olly Howard is a experienced production manager who delivers digital events for leading brands and venues.

Venue Information

Cortex Training’s London office (Maximum four students with social distancing)

alternatively we can host the training at your office or venue (Maximum of eight students, subject to space for social distancing and a risk assessment)