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Sound System operators course

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Two day course

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Course Overview

  • Do you work with sound systems and what to learn how to make them sound better?
  • Are you a sound engineer or work in a venue and want to learn how to optimise or repair your sound system?
  • Do you own a sound system and you want to learn how it works and get the best out of it?
  • Learn to problem solve when things go wrong
  • Learn to measure and optimise crossover points, phase and EQ
  • Learn how to design point-source and line-array systems
  • Learn how to design sub-arrays and use cardioid configurations

Who should attend this course?

Sound Engineers, Sound Technicians, event crew, venue staff, sound system owners or anyone that wants to learn more about how sound systems work.

More Details

This course is designed for people interested in live sound or people working with sound systems who want to learn more about them. On this course you will learn how to problem solve, optimise, EQ, phase align, set cross over points, service and repair sound systems.

We also look at how to set up and use sound system management processors in order to get the best sound possible.

Course Details

  • Sound system components and overview
  • Speaker drivers
  • Passive crossovers
  • Active crossovers
  • Amplifiers
  • Point-source speaker theory
  • Line-array theory
  • Power requirements and power supplies
  • Sound system managment processors
  • Sound system / array design and configuration
  • Selecting the correct sound system for the acoustical space
  • Measuring sound systems using Smaart
  • Problem solving when things don't work or go wrong
  • Testing a venue sound system before you start work
  • System EQ
  • Sound system optimisation
  • Line-array system design
  • Point-source system design
  • Using delays and fills
  • Time alignment of delays and fills
  • Designing sub-woofer arrays
  • Cardiod sub-woofer arrays
  • Designing and practical guide to using cardioid sub-woofer arrays

Course Requirements

  • Basic knowledge of live sound

  • Interest in sound systems

About The Tutor

The course is run by Adam Savant who has been a sound engineer for over 15 years and who is the technical director for PF Events.

Venue Information

This course is run in the theatre at Oxford House Arts centre in Bethnal Green, East London.