Cortex Training is an online training centre specialising in live streaming, digital events, creative media and specialist event training courses

Live streaming

Live Streaming, digital and hybrid events

Digital services for events have become a staple in resent years and lots of venues, event organisers and organisations want to expand their capacity so they can offer these services at their events.  Cortex Training offers a holistic step by step process to prepare your team and venue to be ready to stream and offer digital and hybrid Events.

Step 1 – Consultation

The first step is to provide a onsite consultation to ascertain what equipment is available and what additional equipment is required to offer digital  event services.  Recommendations will be made on AV equipment, sales processes, staff training and IT.

Step 2 – Staff and team training

Cortex offers a range of bespoke training courses to prepare your team to offer live streamed, digital and hybrid events.  The training will be run in your venue with your equipment.  If you need extra equipment to provide these services we will supply the equipment as part of the training course.

Step 3 – Installation design

Cortex can design a live streaming and digital events system that will integrate with your existing equipment.  We will produce CAD drawings, schedules ad specifications so you can purchase the equipment or put the job out to tender.  Cortex can also assist with writing AV tenders.

Step 4 – Live Streaming installation

Cortex’s sister company PF Events ( can provide a fully managed installation service that will include equipment sales, first and second fix installation, programming and commissioning.  Once the installation is complete a second round of staff and team training will be provided free of charge.  PF Events can also supply live streaming engineers to operate events and offer unparalleled after sales support with various service and Maintence contract options.

Please call 0208 801 9005 to discuss getting set up to provide live Streaming, digital and hybrid event services in your venue