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Introduction to Resolume for Events


1 day course. 10am-4pm. An extended two-day course is also available upon request.

Online training from £350
In person course at your office or venue in London from £450
At our London office location from £550

Venue information:

This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor.

Alternatively we can come and run the training at your venue, office, co-working space or home.  We can travel nationwide to come and train you and your team in the most convenient location.

We can also host training sessions at our London office.

Our Resolume Avenue course provides a great overview of what is fast becoming the first-choice tool for people involved in live video. Resolume works in real-time and is therefore fast, easy and fun to use – without losing any of the power of traditional video mixing and processing environments.

We start from the ground up – covering the basics of cabling, setting up your project and getting a signal to to the projector or other video display. We will build our projects during the lesson, beginning with a basic crossfader setup and then moving on to add further complexity.

By the end of our brief course you will have all the knowledge you need to start present video content at live events!



  • Live one-to-one tuition with a Resolume expert who is an events industry professional
  • Starts from the ground up to cover the basics of video for live shows
  • Mix different video sources together and animate 2D images
  • Learn how to set up a video display and about screen dimensions and aspect ratio
  • Discover simple projection mapping techniques and sending signal to multiples displays

Who it's for

This course is for people who want to start working with live video at events. It's a more concise version of our full two-day course and is aimed at event professionals or those who just need a quick jump-start to get moving.

You don't need any previous experience, though some knowledge of how video works and/or experience with a video or audio sequencer is beneficial.

The course tutor Nick Feldman had been following the twin paths of being a graphic designer and an electronic musician until in 2007 he merged the two disciplines and started creating his own live visuals for parties and performances. Since then he has played performed live video for a number of festivals including Glastonbury, Shambala and Boomtown Fair and for renowned artists such as Diplo, 2ManyDJs, Rudimental and Foreign Beggars. He has also worked on creating generative content for his own improvised audio-visual shows.

What is covered

  • What can Resolume be used for?
  • How do real-time video software differ from traditional programs?
  • How to set up a secondary display
  • Basic signal cabling overview
  • An introduction to the interface
  • Setting up a basic two channel mixing project
  • Getting hands-on with MIDI controllers
  • Different video formats and codecs
  • Adding more layers to the project
  • Learning about blend modes
  • Adding effects and animation to the project
  • Basic video mapping techniques


  • Basic PC or Mac operating system knowledge
  • i7 Mac or PC computer
  • Demo or full version of Resolume Avenue (or Arena) installed prior to the training
  • USB mouse
  • An interest in live video!