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Presenter Coaching


½ day for individuals – this could be multiple mentoring sessions if required.
1 day for groups up to 6

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This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor

There are many occasions nowadays when people are expected to be confident in front of an audience; giving a PowerPoint presentation at a conference or hosting a meeting. Even a video call can feel like a performance. It makes some people nervous, others would like to do more; perhaps even host a big event.
Whether you’ve already done some presenting or are a beginner we will look at which aspects you enjoy, which you find daunting and work on increasing all-round confidence.
If you’ve ever stared out at a sea of expressionless faces willing them to smile we’ll look at the factors that contribute to a great performance, how to get the audience on your side and keep them engaged.
You’ll get one-to-one feedback and advice on how to grow your skills and experience.

Additional options:
In a one-to-one session the tutor can help you work on a specific speech or presentation you have to deliver to make it relevant and interesting, with a step by step guide to preparation and help with content and content organisation if you require.


  • This is a live online course that is suitable for up to ten people. The course is delivered by a expert event producer who has worked extensively for the BBC and for numerous large scale live events.
  • What makes a good presenter or host?
  • Explore how to engage your audience: body language, use of voice, the script.
  • Individual coaching tips to help you feel confident about speaking in front of colleagues, friends or relatives.

Who it's for

This course is suitable for anyone who has to present in front of an audience: big or small and would like to improve their presentation skills. From the CEO of a company to the newest recruit in a department.

You may already have some experience of presenting but want to consolidate and improve your skills, or a company may want to grow in-house expertise as a way of supporting and expanding their business – if so this course is for you.

Jo Daykin is a highly experienced Event Producer and Presenter and has helped people improve their performance whilst working as a teacher and lecturer and then as a Producer and Director at the BBC. She has worked with many high profile presenters and actors in Radio, TV and on live event stages, helping them to fine tune their voice, bring confidence to the way they present themselves, and improve their questioning skills.

What is covered

  • Explore a 360 degree approach to what makes an effective, confident presenter: from preparation to body language.
  • Practical exercises to increase confidence and practice aspects of presentation, e.g. voice, body language, eye contact etc.
  • Think about content. How can you vary approaches to keep an audience on side.
  • We’ll go at your pace, using positive feedback and a range of approaches to bring out the best in you!
  • Using a microphone – practical guidance for using a handheld microphone.
  • Exploring interview techniques for panel sessions or a host interview, e.g. putting an interviewee at ease and asking open questions.


  • i7 Mac or PC computer
    Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training.
    USB Headset with microphone or installed webcam and microphone in a laptop.
  • In advance of the session the tutor will suggest a list of items you might bring, such as a presentation or speech you’ve had to deliver or a topic you’d like to interview someone about.