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Print and digital journalism production workshop

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One day course
Intended for 6-10 attendees

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Course Overview

  • Go out on the streets to record and document points of local interest
  • Come back to the studio to write the text and process the photos taken
  • Combine this original material with dummy text, other articles, images, photos and adverts
  • Learn how to use industry-standard tool Adobe InDesign to layout your final document
  • Export your work in a number of different formats – ready for print or online publication

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who are interested in the learning the ropes for print and digital (online) journalism. You should have a keen interest in being a publisher and content creator for blogs, journals, zines etc.

More Details

This is a practical and hands-on workshop that will teach you how to take your own articles, photos and graphics into Adobe InDesign and other associated tools to publish it as a document in print or online.

We will start by going out into the local area to document a point of interest and then it’s back to the studio to edit the images and write some text (we can always use some dummy text to make up the difference!). You will look at creating snappy headlines, sub-headers, leader paragraphs, inset box text, bullet points and more.

The workshop is centred around the publishing tool Adobe InDesign. This is the industry-standard tool for layouts whether they are destined for print, e-pub or online publication. We will also take a look at other useful associated tools.

Once we have our original content we will add this to other text, photo and graphic design material that will be supplied. You will be guided through the process by our experienced tutors to work towards a final published product that you will export at the end of the workshop.

Course Details

  • Photographing and documenting a location or event
  • Taking the notes and photos from the location to process, edit and prepare for layout
  • Learn about Adobe InDesign - the number one tool for document layout
  • Place your material alongside other material that will be supplied to create a magazine style document
  • Learn about colour swatches, font usage, editing and retouching photographs
  • Export your final document as a print-ready PDF, and e-pub document or for online publishing
  • Manage and create an archive of your work

Course Requirements

  • Your own laptop (PC or Mac)

  • Some basic knowledge of PC or Mac operating systems

  • A basic understanding of the overall journalism and publishing process is advantageous

About The Tutor

Nick Feldman has been working as a Graphic Designer and Artworker since 1998 – initially trained in QuarkXPress he quickly made the leap to Adobe InDesign and has been working for publishing and design houses in London before beginning to teach full-time in 2012. He is well versed in a number of other Adobe applications and also works freelance as an AV Technician, Sound Designer and Music Production tutor.

Venue Information

This course is usually held in Oxford House in Bethnal Green, East London.