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QLab for Live Events and Theatre


1 day course. 10am-4pm. Flexible sessions are available if required.

Online training from £350
In person course at your office or venue in London from £450
At our London office location from £550


This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor.

Alternatively we can come and run the training at your venue, office, co-working space or home.  We can travel nationwide to come and train you and your team in the most convenient location.

We can also host training sessions at our London office.

QLab is a powerful software that allows operators to create powerful designs using combinations of video and audio. QLab is used in various industries: venues, theatres, art galleries and concerts. It also has commercial applications and can be used for live marketing displays for shops, store fronts and digital signage.

QLab offers complete control over your media, allowing you to mix, fade, cue and add effects – the only limits are your imagination. QLab also offers powerful control facilities, which the ability to write script, control and issue MIDI commands.


  • Live one-to-one tuition with a QLab expert who is an events industry professional
  • Learn to use the powerful QLab software – this software is used throughout the events industry; from running video and audio cues in West-end theatre productions to audio and video stings at award ceremonies
  • The course can be used to build a show file for your next show
  • The course will cover all of the aspects of both using video in QLab including outputting video to multiple displays
  • QLab is the simplest and most powerful way of cueing video at live events
  • Video mapping and edge blending using QLab
  • The course will cover all aspects of using audio in QLab including using multiple audio outputs
  • Learn to trigger MIDI using QLab
  • Learn to script and programme using QLab

Who it's for

This course is ideal for sound designers, multimedia artists, commercial installers, sound engineers, AV technicians, theatre technicians and anyone that wants to learn about QLab.

The Course is run by Lee Ashley. Lee is a experienced AV technician who is a master of QLab, particularly in a theatre environment. Lee also has extensive experience with integrating QLab with more complex AV Systems.

What is covered

  • What is QLab and what are its applications
  • Loading files and setting up the workspace
  • Fading, cutting and effects as you move between audio and video files
  • Looping and editing files and cues
  • Using multiple video displays
  • Using multiple audio outputs
  • Video mapping, corner keystone and edge blending
  • Writing scripts and programming
  • MIDI, control of MIDI devices and sending commands
  • Integrating live camera feeds and live microphone inputs
  • Tricks and tips
  • Running a dual redundant back up system
  • Integrating QLab with other AV systems


  • Good understanding of the Mac OSX operating system
  • Demo or subscription version of QLab installed on your computer prior to the training
  • i7 Mac or PC computer
  • Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training
  • USB mouse
  • Optional items: Second external monitor (24" or above)
    USB Headset with microphone.