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The Essentials of Stage Production


One day course

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This is a online course that provides live tuition with an expert tutor.

Alternatively we can come and run the training at your venue, office, co-working space or home.  We can travel nationwide to come and train you and your team in the most convenient location.

We can also host training sessions at our London office.

Producing any event requires an understanding of the purpose and ambitions for that event; what’s going to happen when, how, and on budget? There are lots of things to consider, such as choice of venue, content, staging, staffing, money and safety.

We’ll be focusing on the stage elements of a conference or show and how you can ensure your audience, client and team leave the venue feeling they’ve had a great time and that it’s all been worthwhile. By taking a 360 degree view of an event, from audience to artist, sound to sightlines, we will begin to understand how important every aspect is to the success of a stage event and why the Producer role matters. Along the way we’ll realise that a Producer is not alone! They have other wonderful professionals they can involve creatively.

During the day we’ll evaluate the areas of expertise participants already have that will benefit them in the Producer’s role. We’ll also think about any areas that might need extra development, and explore ways of getting extra experience and support after the course.


  • This is a live online course that is suitable for up to ten people. The course is delivered by a expert event producer who has worked extensively for the BBC and for numerous large scale live events.
  • Define the role and remit of the Stage/ Show Producer for a conference or entertainment stage (depending on the group’s priorities).
  • Design a basic stage running order/show flow for a conference and an entertainment event – how to keep your audience engaged.
  • Design a detailed running order/show flow for a conference keynote and a panel session or entertainment show, including a 360 degree interrogation of pre-preparation, artist liaison and stage management.
  • Think about how to budget for success – what are the priorities?
  • Understand the importance of the team and communication.
  • The course can be either delivered in person or via zoom.
    This course is suitable for up-to eight students.

    We can host this course at our office in London or we can come to you and run the course at your office or venue

Who it's for

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop the skills of a Stage/Show Producer.
This production professional has a helicopter overview of a stage event and leads the wider production team in making it happen on time and to the highest standards. It is up to the Producer to ensure all aspects of the conference or entertainment stage will work for the audience as well as meeting the needs of the client and other stakeholders.

You may already be stage managing and want to take on more responsibility, or a company may want to grow in-house expertise as a way of supporting and expanding their business – if so this course is for you.

Jo Daykin is a highly experienced Event Producer and Stage Manager.
She began her professional life as a primary school teacher in Inner London before moving into advisory posts and teacher education at the University of Greenwich.
From there she joined the BBC as a Radio Producer/Director, then moved into Live Events TV and Live Events Production. She project managed events such as the BBC’s ‘Proms in the Park’ at venues around the country and produced and directed the BBC’s Audio and Music Festival for its own staff.

Since leaving the BBC Jo has produced many shows and events at iconic venues such as the Royal Albert Hall and Trafalgar Square: from glittering dance shows to thought provoking art installations. She works internationally on corporate live events and conferences for high profile agencies and clients.

What is covered

  • Why do people put on events, who is involved and what is the pivotal role of the Producer?
  • An overview of the Producer role: from the macro to the micro. Being involved early on, creative problem-solving, the ability to manage complex projects, delegation.
  • Designing a great audience experience: physical and emotional factors.
  • Exploring the psychology of an audience and how learning theory can influence the way a session works.
  • The running order/show flow – basic headline information.
  • The running order/show flow – in full 360 degree detail. Working with the wider team to ensure the success of the show.
  • Essential paperwork and meetings such as script rehearsals.
  • Running a show; with or without a big stage team. Creative decision-making and keeping calm!
  • Budgeting for success – what are the priorities?
  • Staffing for success – including encouraging diversity, using volunteers, offering apprentice opportunities.
  • Information about how to get further experience and develop appropriate skills.


  • i7 Mac or PC computer
    Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training.
    USB Headset with microphone or installed webcam and microphone in a laptop.
  • Experience of working on events: conferences or entertainment shows – preferably with some kind of management or marketing responsibility. E.g. Artist Liaison, Head of Comms, Stage Manager, Production Manager, H&S lead.
  • Bring examples of events you’ve attended as a member of the production team or audience – what went well, what left you wanting something better?