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Video content creator workshop

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One day course
Intended for 6-10 attendees

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Course Overview

  • We go out onto the streets to shoot some original video footage
  • Then it's back into the studio to ingest, process and prep the video
  • We will create a storyboard for the edit
  • Before putting together video, music and text together in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Learn how to get the best out of the footage and optimise the final product
  • A look at other related Adobe products for working with image and sound

Who should attend this course?

This course is aimed at people who want to immediately start creating their own unique video content – whether for music videos, documentaries, vlogs or commercials.

More Details

This is a hands-on project based workshop session for budding video content creators to learn the skills necessary to create great looking and sounding video content.

You will learn through experience by going out to shoot the video and then coming back and learning how to process, organise, optimise and then edit the footage. All attendees will have an opportunity to capture their own unique content and use sound restoration and colour grading tools to give a professional sheen to the finished product.

The workshop is largely centred around Adobe Premiere Pro and other associated Adobe products. The final project will be worked on in stages, following a logical order as might be expected of a professional video editor and content creator.

You will be guided through the process by our experienced tutors, culminating in a rendered final product. This will contain optimised footage, captions, titles and background music.

Course Details

  • Shooting video content
  • Location sound recording
  • Ingesting, tagging and prepping the new footage
  • Applying audio and video processing, restoration and enhancement
  • Creating a storyboard for the edit
  • Editing the footage using Adobe Premiere Pro
  • A look at other related Adobe products for working with image and sound
  • Creating titles and captions
  • Rendering the final product
  • Optimising for uploading to streaming sites such as YouTube and Vimeo

Course Requirements

  • Your own laptop (PC or Mac)

  • Some basic knowledge of PC or Mac operating systems

  • A basic understanding of the overall video production process is advantageous

About The Tutor

Tutor details to follow soon…

Venue Information

This course is usually held in Oxford House in Bethnal Green, East London.