Cortex Training is an online training centre specialising in event design, technical production and event management

Success stories

We are proud to have guided a nunber of young individuals into long-term work placements via our training schemes and courses. We firmly believe in providing relevant training that is useful in real world vocational situations and are glad when this pays off for the enterprising people who come through our doors. Here are just some of success stories…


Alexander Flame

Alex completed a BTEC in Media Production but was then unemployed for over 12 months. Whilst attending a jobs fair organised by the Job Centre he met someone from the charity A New Direction who recommended that he contact Cortex Training. Alex was interested in video production and we arranged for Alex to attend some of courses for free and arranged a work placement with PF Events.
After a one year apprenticeship with Alex was taken on full time with PF Events as a junior warehouse technician. He received further technical training from Cortex Training and the following year was promoted to the position of Camera Operator/Event Technician.
A year later and Cortex Training again provided training in Vector Works, SketchUp and AutoCAD. PF Events provided him with the work experience required to practice these skills. In 2017 he was promoted again and now holds the title of Production Designer.


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Oliver Howard

Oliver also completed a BTEC in Media Production but didn’t find a job in this field after college due to lack of experience. After signing up with the Job Centre Oliver was lucky enough to get a place on a training programme called Creative Works, organised by Create and A New Direction. This programme commissioned Cortex Training to create a bespoke course in event technical production and health and safety.
Oliver wanted to get into the events industry and had the motivation to attend all of the free-of-charge industry training courses that CT had recommended. He stayed in touch with us and we were able to arrange some work experience with various event companies. Later on Oliver paid to attend our Introduction to AV training course. In April 2017, Oliver interviewed for a Production Assistant role at PF Events. The HR staff at PF Events were so impressed with the progress that Oliver had made since attending the Creative Works technical production course that they gave him a full time job and are fast-tracking him to become a full Production Manager.

Oliver Rolfe

Oliver studied event promotion and managed to get a short term contract during the 2012 Olympics. After that contract ended he was unable to get another job in the field due to lack of experience and went through a two year period of either being unemployed or taking temporary contracts on building sites.
Oliver successfully applied for an internship position with PF Events. After the internship finished PF Events were keen to keep him as part of the team but felt that he still lacked the wider experience and training required to take up a full time position. Cortex Training got involved and arranged several other work placements. Oliver then got given a place on an in-house PF Events technical production course. After completion he was taken on as part of the freelance crew, with PF Events also using their industry contacts to gain him other freelance positions within the industry. After a solid year of freelance work Oliver was interviewed for the position of Warehouse Manager with PF Events and was successful – he is now part of the full time management team.