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Introduction to Basic AV for Event and Venue Managers


1 day course. 10am-4pm.

In person course at your office or venue in London from £1070


This course is usually delivered in your venue so that you can gain familiarity with the equipment you use for your events.

This course is designed to help students understand and operate basic AV systems. The complex field of event video will be demystified so students will be able to confidently interface with AV technology and fault find if required.

The course also covers how to build effective Powerpoint and Keynote presentations and advice and tricks given in using technology to enhance delivering presentations.

Students will gain an understanding of basic audio concepts and how to get the best of of microphones and audio systems, with techniques to reduce and eliminate feedback in audio systems.


  • Live one-to-one tuition with a AV expert who is an events industry professional
  • The introduction to basic AV course is designed to provide attendees with vital AV skills
  • Do you have to use AV equipment as part of your job?
  • Do you work for a venue, or office equipped with AV equipment?
  • Do you have to give presentations and want to use more technology to improve audience response?
  • Do you struggle with screen resolutions and aspect ratios?
  • Do you want to improve the quality of your PowerPoint and Keynote presentations?
  • The in-person version of this course includes hands-on practical experience with a range of AV equipment

Who it's for

Venue AV staff, office staff, presenters, sales staff who pitch for jobs, anyone working with PowerPoint or Keynote, anyone using AV equipment that wants to become more confident.

Lee Ashley is a CTS certified audio visual technician who has worked in the industry for 8 years. He has mixed live sound for theatre shows, operated AV for TEDx events and designed lighting for live productions.

What is covered

  • How to set up a desktop projector and align the image using zoom
  • Lens ratio and throw distance calculations
  • Using and understanding keystone correction
  • Connecting a laptop to a projector – mode options: duplicate, extended and presenter mode
  • Aspect ratios and letter boxing
  • Creating presentation slides for the correct type of display
  • Display resolution
  • Calculate aspect ratio from display resolution
  • Changing the display resolution on displays and computers
  • Understanding native resolution
  • Understanding scaling
  • Types of video cables, their uses and limitations
  • Types of audio cables and their uses and limitations
  • The difference between analog and digital video and audio signals
  • Digital and analog wiring in video systems (issues with using HDMI only computers in VGA only systems)
  • Video schematic diagrams
  • Overview of components in a video system and their uses
  • What is sound?
  • What is frequency and amplitude?
  • How a microphone works
  • Microphone pickup patterns and how to use them to reduce feedback
  • What is audio feedback
  • Radio microphone sensitivity
  • Audio schematic diagrams
  • Components and their uses in an audio system
  • Lighting power and basic concepts
  • Using DMX to control lighting


  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Basic knowledge of PowerPoint (not essential)
  • Basic knowledge of Keynote (not essential)
  • i7 Mac or PC computer
  • Demo, full version or subscription version of Powerpoint and/or Keynote
  • Free account with – desktop app installed on the student's computer prior to the training